Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Judy Beaumont, ARCWP, Presides at St. Mary Magdala Liturgy in Ft. Myers, Florida/ Interactive Homily/Tribute to Women Religious

Co-Pastor of Good Shepherd Catholic Community,
Judy Beaumont, ARCWP, 
presides at inclusive Catholic liturgy sponsored by Call to Action of 
Southwest Florida. 

There was an interactive homily included reflections on the courage of 
women religious. Indeed Judy Beaumont is such a woman herself as a 
Benedictine of 35 years who made special sacrifices for peace and
justice, including Trident Nein, a plowshares action.


Anonymous said...

Just another day at the retirement home. After pretend Mass comes arts and crafts.

Veritwas said...

Where are the sycophantic throngs of adorers of bedecked clergy?

The Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura would certainly not support your schismatic little movement.

Veritwas said...

Where are all the little boys?

Veritwas said...

Only the good die young.

Veritwas said...

Would anyone else care to join me in making a few more derogatory remarks against seniors?