Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sign a Petition to Call the Senate to Support a Real Violence Against Women Act

Demand Progress has teamed up with, a new site where you can start a petition on any topic. Here's one we think you might be interested in.

The House is refusing to include Native American women in the Violence Against Women Act, claiming it would be “a dangerous expansion of the tribal courts’ authority.” We don't think they know what danger is.

One in three tribal women is raped or experiences an attempted rape in their lifetimes. On some reservations, tribal authorities report that almost no Native American women have escaped domestic violence or sexual assault.

These WOMEN are the ones in danger, every day that they go without the protection they deserve. And if the U.S. government has its way, Native American women will continue to be denied even the most basic resources and safeguards—from sexual assault kits and evidence cameras to the training police and nurses need to help survivors prosecute their attackers!

Please, join us in calling on the Senate to support a REAL Violence Against Women Act, one that includes protection not only for tribal women but for immigrant women and the LGBT community as well. Show these women they have not been forgotten: Tell the Senate we want a real VAWA now!
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