Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Summer Events in Calgary with Roman Catholic Women Priests in Canada and Women Priests from USA Celebrating Liturgies

In July, our St. Brigid's community here in Calgary had some special visitors.
First, this photo (from a community member's iphone) is of our St. Brigid's mass in July 2012 with visiting/concelebrating (new) priest, Ruth Wasylenko, from Edmonton (3 hours north of Calgary). (Genevieve Kilburn-Smith, my 14-year-old daughter, is altar server). We had a really rich time, saying mass together and receiving so much support from those gathered with us!

Then later in the month, we took on a transnational and international flavour with coinciding visits from our Canadian bishop Marie Bouclin (who was making a three week trek across the western provinces to see all our communities), and California priests Suzanne Dunn and Jeannette Love (Catholic Church of the Beatitudes, Santa Barbara). Here are some photos, below, from our Mary Magdalene mass and reception on July 22. Marie and Suzanne shared the homily time and spoke about different aspects of Mary Magdalene's importance in our tradition.
 (Left to right: Genevieve - altar server; me (Monica); Suzanne Dunn, Marie Bouclin, Jeannette Love)
We also had lots of other special events over a period of five days - spectacular! We were so delighted, all of us, to be together, share ideas and inspiration, and witness together to the movement of the Holy Spirit across our two countries and in so many hearts and lives. And my thanks to you, Marie, Suzanne and Jeannette, for your wonderful sharing, generosity, and love. Praise God!
Blessings to all, Monica

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