Tuesday, January 19, 2016

"A Favor of Grace" by Lynn Kinlan, Upper Room Inclusive Catholic Community, Albany, New York

A Favor of Grace

Lynn Kinlan

Bereft, we came to Troy looking
For a woman priest we’d heard about.
Only to find a staggering change of perspective
In a journey that leaves behind more than patriarchy.

Yearning, we came looking to see what inclusion looks like
On this earth, in this church.
Only to uncover ourselves included in
A melding of human and divine in the here and now and soon to come.

Searching, we came looking for a breath of fresh air
To approach God with fewer shoulds.
Only to be swaddled and challenged by a Creator
Of coulds.

We came with yearning, decades old 
And fatigue beyond the gripes of shattered hope.
Only to be immersed and refreshed in running waters,

Flooded with the Favor of Grace.

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Bridget said...

Lynn's poem is beautiful. I remember one time during one of our interactive liturgies, Lynn spoke and shared her reflections. A much longer than usual pause followed. It was like she had spoken from each of our hearts. What a joy to have Lynn in our community!