Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Retired Archbishop Quinn of Sacramento, Wants Church to Ordain Women Priest, Stop Denying Eucharist to Divorced

The reason for bishop’s longevity

Retired Sacramento Bishop Francis Quinn told Marcos Breton that he wants priests to be able to marry and that he thinks the church should consider ordaining women as priests. José Luis Villegas Sacramento Bee file

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Re “Bishop Quinn looks back” (Local, Marcos Breton, Jan. 17): Former Catholic Bishop Francis Quinn stated that he felt that in the priesthood celibacy should be an option, not a requirement. He said, “It’s not psychologically healthy for a priest to be celibate just because the church requires it.”
He also wants his church to consider ordaining women as priests and to stop denying the Eucharist to divorced Catholics who have remarried. At age 94, Quinn questions why God is allowing him to live so long. The answer appears clear. God wants Quinn’s voice for justice, peace and mercy to continue to be heard. More years of God’s blessings, brother!

A refreshing stand on women

Although not a ringing endorsement, Bishop Francis Quinn’s wish that the Catholic Church consider ordaining women as priests is refreshing.

Most priests are terrified of this issue and, with good reason, concerned they might be disciplined as other priests for supporting the notion of women priests. The idea that women can’t serve as priests is from the 1st century, when women were not held in high esteem. Women didn’t count. Men could divorce women, but women couldn’t divorce men. Women were required to sit behind screens in services so they wouldn’t distract men from prayer. But we should be beyond that now. It’s time for gender equality to mean something real in the Catholic Church.

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