Friday, May 19, 2017

Anointing of Katy Zatsick by Elena Garcia ARCWP and Mary Mother of Jesus Inclusive Catholic Community before hip surgery on June 21, 2017

Left to right, Pat MacMillan, Elena Garcia ARCWP, Bob MacMillan, Russ Banner and Katy Zatsick ARCWP
(Elena presided at Rite as part of preparation program/unit work for one of the ARCWP units. The entire community prayed - 30 people. This photo was taken after the prayer to demonstrate the communal nature of the Rite. )

Presider: All are invited to gather around Katy as we invoke God’s grace and blessing on her and her surgical team. 

ALL:  Glory be to you Source of all being, Eternal word and Holy Spirit Sofia, as it was in the beginning is now and will be forever. Amen

Presider: Loving Mother and Father God, from our mother’s womb you pronounced our names and you have soothed us saying, “Do not worry about tomorrow”. 

Voice 1: We thank you that you pour out your Spirit upon us within each day.
Voice 2: We thank you that your loving blessings are sufficient for us within each moment that we live. 

ALL: We pray for our beloved sister Katy that she will know your peace in her heart as she waits to undergo hip surgery in June. We ask for a peace that surpasses all understanding and guards her heart and mind. A peace offered by Jesus every minute of every day.

Voice 3: May she rest into your promises and lean back into your love for her with total confidence in your loving providence. Remove from her heart all painful anxiety.  

Voice 4: Holy Spirit guide the hands and hearts of the nurses and surgeons who will work with Katy, giving her hope, relieving her pain and bringing restoration.

ALLWe believe with a most lively and unlimited confidence that we are safe in the arms of your Divine Providence when we are most vulnerable.

Presider:  Katy, the same spirit that moved in Jesus dwells in you and fills you with love and peace beyond all imagination.  All of your loved ones in this community and the communion of saints join us in prayer. In their name and in the name of God we now anoint you for your journey.
(anoint Katy’s forehead and hands)

ALL: Katy, you are embraced by the Holy One and by all who are praying for you.  May you feel the power of divine love healing, comforting and strengthening you. In the name of God our Creator, Jesus our Brother and Holy Spirit Wisdom. Amen.

Presider: Let us pray as Jesus taught us. 
ALLOur Father and Mother…


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