Friday, May 19, 2017

Decrease in Number of Priests Statistics/ Bishop Gumbleton Calls for Ordination of Married Men and Women

a look at the statistics that tell of a decreasing number of priests worldwide except for Africa. 

2. And a bishop’s response from Retired Detroit MI: Bishop Thomas Gumbleton:
"I read just the other day that the Archdiocese of Chicago, with over two million Catholic people, has less than 800 priests right now. Within a decade, it will be down to less than 400 — 300 and some priests for over two million people. How can we serve the church adequately with the Eucharist and with the other sacraments if we fail to find a way to bring more ordained ministers into our church? I’m sure all of you would say easily and quickly, “I can think of ways. Ordain married men. Ordain women.” We could have all the ministers we need and quickly."
 Quote received from John Chuchman []

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