Saturday, May 13, 2017

City and Kingdom New York launches with a conversation about Dorothy Day

..."Day’s way of interpreting reality, Ellsberg said, meant “taking the Gospel seriously,” and encountering Christ “in the face of the other, in the face of the poor, in the face of the unwanted, the marginalized.” Sainthood is not about having a superhuman nature; it’s about ordinary people beginning to interpret reality in this new way. "

"...Yet, in the latest edition of Plough Quarterly, you’ll find articles on Catholics like Dorothy Day, Steven McDonald, and Martin Scorsese. The mutual respect seems to have historical roots in Germany, where a Catholic sister community of the Bruderhof called the Catholic Integrated Community flourished under the support of Pope Benedict XVI. But more than that, there seems to be a shared conviction that the themes of Catholic social teaching need to be at the heart of this recovery of Christian community."

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