Monday, May 8, 2017

Message from Women's Ordination Conference for Vocations Sunday, Praying for Women to be Included as Equal Partners in Every Realm of Ministry and Leadership

Women's ordination advocates from around the world witnessed yesterday for "Vocations Sunday," praying for women to be included as equal partners in every realm of ministry and leadership. 

From Dublin to Des Moines, St. Peter's Basilica to Westminster Abbey, Rochester to Lisieux, and with prayers from around the world, the call for women's equality in our Church was loud and clear. 

Thank you to all those who organized and took action, and to all those who support our mission every day.

Please check out and "Like" our Facebook page where photos from the witnesses are posted, and continue to follow WOC's actions on social media using #OrdainWomen. 

With gratitude,

Erin Saiz Hanna & Kate McElwee 
Co-Executive Directors

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