Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Vatican Addresses Poverty, Violence and Human Rights of Women, Time to Address Connections with Women's Equality in the Church

Poverty, violence hinder progress for women and girls, says Vatican nuncio to UN
UNITED NATIONS – Conditions in many parts of the world force women and girls to bear the burden of carrying out everyday chores for their families ...

..."Addressing the violence women and girls face, Archbishop Auza again quoted Pope Francis in saying that eliminating violence is impossible "until exclusion and inequality in society and between peoples are reversed."

"Through poverty and exclusion, adolescent girls, especially those in rural areas, also experience heightened vulnerability to sexual exploitation, child marriage and other unacceptable forms of violence," the archbishop said. "The horrifying prevalence of violence against women, thus, remains a salient and sad example of the deep connection between economic exclusion and violence."

Archbishop Auza also discussed the current global migration crisis and its effect on migrant women and girls in particular, reminding the global community it has a responsibility "to welcome, to protect, to promote and to integrate" migrants and refugees.

"Millions of women and girls are fleeing violent conflicts or extreme poverty only to find themselves exploited by traffickers and manipulators along perilous routes and even in host communities," the archbishop said. "

Bridget Mary's Response: I welcome Pope Francis' analysis of the relationship between violence, poverty, and the sexual abuse of women in the global community. However, until the Roman Catholic Church treats women as equals and opens up priestly ministry to them officially, they will not be able to help heal the wounds of patriarchy in the church or world.  Our international Roman Catholic Women Priests Movement is leading the way to a more inclusive church now, and we are making the connections between violence, poverty, sexism and women's human rights. 

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