Saturday, November 4, 2017

Ilia Delio "Evolution and the Primacy of Love" - Underhill Lecture
"Our local actions can have cosmic consequences!"
"We have in the same cosmic process."
God is not boring, our world is dynamic.
New things happen. 
Process of conversion, drawn together, unite, complexity, consciousness arises.
We are se;lf-conscious evolution!
Teilhard describes evolution as the rise of consciousness. 
We are part of an undivided whole.
If you think about something, your thought can affect something else. 
Love is present in everything. (mindful matter and informational flow of attraction and transcendence.
Love shifts our consiousness. When you fall in love, there is an attraction, a  consciousness of love.
The physical structure of the universe is love.
Union gives rise to being.
To be is to be with another.
Being exists for the sake of giving to others.
Universe is relational. God drawing us to something new
God is self-giving love. God is love.
Love speaks to us of a God who is dynamic Trinity.
God is the newest thing.
When we are united to God, we become new and young, 
God is involved from beginning.
God active from beginning.
Whole thing is oriented to love.
Jesus is the Christ. ( a new big bang)
power of newness that is creative.
nature is open to becoming something new!
Jesus, the whole maker. Come to a new level of radical love!
Had a consciousness of the whole.
"as you see, so you love," Angela Folginia
new life in God, belonging to the cosmos.
New heaven and new earth.
co-creators. part of an ongoing process.
new wine, new wineskins
love is the fullness of our being.
We are wired to be active players in evolution.
Put your cell phone outside door, cyber solitude.
Harness the energy of love, Teilhard
The war today comes from our lack of love inside our hearts. Etty Hillesum
"The power of love to heal the world should not be underestimated."
What you are in love with, will affect everything. Pedro Arrupe.
In the evening of life, we shall be judged by love alone.
Our only one duty is to love.
My love is my weight. (Augustinian view)
How to move from toxic environment to love today?
We have to build in interior space for contemplation, and look at situation, enemies in the eye, that face is still the face of transcendence. 
We need to be patient and slow down and love self and look at enemy in face with love of the Divine, see the Divine there.
Prayer, words are not necessary, in desperation, God is present, God is with me.
Go have fun, can't fix everything, built in playfulness. become like little children, be simple, live in the now, and prayer will come in the creativity of new life. 
How do we relate to one another? When things go wrong, how do we retain a consciousness of love? Build new models of relationaity. New level of loving action.  It is in the gratitude, consciousness of love, practice everyday. 
Modern university is part of the problem, Major in specialities, so when I graduate I can talk to three people.
Find new language that speaks to people and connect with their issues. keep working in this direction. Younger generation have a deep spiritual yearning!
Christianity is the religion of evolution. 
Gatherers of ecumenism, our earth, our future, our dreams together into a new union.
God has infinite possibilities.
Christianity, should focus on mutual sharing and the mystical values of love and compassion.  Have a party! Don't focus on limitations of doctrines.
We have the capacity to destroy life to inflict suffering.
We must be conscious of our capacity to love others.
Centering Prayer, letting go can lead us to rest in God.
Mystic sees God as part of me and me as part of God. The God in me is the God in you.
Let go of the past and share in the future. 
God is cosmic consciousness, eye has not seen,nor ear has not heard, words fail as we describe the wholeness of love that God is. 


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Maura Bernard said...

My wonderful professor from Washington Theological Union! Without her, I wouldn't be Rev. Dr. Maura Bernard, a priest in the Celtic Christian Church!