Monday, August 20, 2018

Letter to the Editor in Chicago Tribune: What's the problem with the Catholic Church? Men.

My response: I agree with this letter to the editor that advocates women priests as part of the solution to the Church's transformation from an all boys club male priesthood to a community of equals with one caveat. According to the Gospels, Jesus had women disciples, including his mother, Mary. They were the faithful witnesses who accompanied him through his suffering, death and were the first to encounter the Risen One according to the post resurrection stories. Bridget Mary Meehan ARCWP, https;//, 703-505-0004

 Once again the Catholic Church has brought shame and disgrace to the Catholic message of peace and love. Again we are hearing about the despicable abuse of children, this time since the 1950s in Pennsylvania involving more than 300 priests and over 1,000 victims. The guys just kept moving the priests around, and then had nerve enough to claim innocence. The Fatherhood of the Code of Silence. No contrition. No penance for mortal sins brutally committed. Talk about sacrilege! Even this pope has been reluctant to believe the victims or hold the priests to account.This seems to happen in the Catholic Church more than other denominations. The most apparent solution is to include women in the priesthood and, more important, relieve them of their second-class status of only being good enough to serve men. In the hierarchy of the church is not Mary, the mother of Jesus, higher on the scale than the Apostles? Jesus didn’t have women disciples for the same reason that women today still have difficulty in receiving equal pay for equal work, thousands of years later. Let’s not forget that the Roman Catholic Church in the 1950s dressed nuns in a version of a burqa, with layers of clothing and veils, revealing only their make-up free faces. So let’s punish women for being female and not the men who cannot control themselves. Forget the innocent voices and hurt screams of kids whose lives have been forever shattered and violated only to be disbelieved by the people they love the most. Sadly, this is who we have become.
This abuse will not stop as long as the Church insists on being a male-dominated club where only boys need apply. I’m not holding my breath that men will do the right thing and voluntarily share their power.
— Edith Schrammel, Evergreen Park

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