Monday, September 17, 2018

Judith McKloskey RCWP Addresses Bishop Johnston at Listening Session for a Vision Plan in Kansas City/St. Joseph

Judith McKloskey RCWP standing at Liturgy

Good evening, Bishop Johnston.
We’ve all seen the bumper sticker “Start Seeing Motorcycles.” Tonight, at this visioning session, I ask you, and your team, and all of us, to start seeing women – as the complex, gifted-by-God-in-many-ways people who we are, beyond being “complements to men.”
I ask you to see the contradiction in baptizing us as “priest, prophet and king” and then excluding us from all ministries requiring ordination.  I ask you to see the exodus of women, especially younger women, who no longer participate in our church because they are not treated as equals
I ask our loving God to help us all to see the many ways in which women are called to witness our faith, to take on the mind of Christ. Yes, even to stand on the altar “in persona Christi.”
Sending a smile and a hug your way,
Judith McKloskey RCWP

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