Friday, October 12, 2018

"Petition urges women's votes at synod, but Dutch bishop disagrees" by Heidi Schlumpf, NCR, My Response- Stop blaming Jesus, Treat Women as Spiritual Equals or Lose All Credibility

My Response: Of course women should vote at this Synod. It is fair and just. Seriously, this is a Synod on discerning vocations, what young woman is going to discern a religious vocation when her voice and vote is not even represented at the Synod? Talking about a credibility gap. 

This is a chasm and it is insulting to the people  of God!

This Dutch bishop suggests a "Constitutive Council"  for women since they are not equal members of the Church run by bishops. Then, most insulting of all, he blames the centuries old misogyny on Jesus who chose 12 apostles.  In Romans 16:7 Paul praises Andronicas and Junia as prominent apostles who were his mentors. So there were more than 12 apostles and Junia was a woman apostle. The early Church Fathers called Mary of Magdala, the "apostle to the apostles."

  The full equality of women in the Church and world is the voice of God in our time. It is a grave injustice to refuse to allow religious women to vote in this Synod, when male religious are permitted to vote. Half of the Church is excluded and it is certainly not Jesus' fault! If this sexist view continues to be espoused by the hierarchy, the next generation will continue to abandon Catholicism because of its sinful misogyny and exploitation of women as second class citizens in their own house. Bridget Mary Meehan ARCWP,

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