Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Catholic Women Priests Offer Hope During the Sexual Abuse Crisis- Media Release

Bridget Mary Meehan ARCWP
Janice Sevre Duszynska ARCWP

As Pope Francis engages this February
2019 in dealing with the sexual abuse crisis in the Church,
we women priests continue to offer a new structure with new
inclusive communities and a new way of being Church. 

All are welcome to attend our worshiping communities and to receive
Communion. We offer a new model of ministry as a solution 

to deal with the prevention of future sexual abuses. Women as priests offer Roman Catholic worshiping communities that are led by the people ofGod.

We have over 15 years of experience
offering a new kind of priesthood that is Roman Catholic,
egalitarian, evolving, mystical and social justice
driven.Our women-priest-experiences offer
meaningful inclusive liturgies (Masses) in small grassroots
communities that appeal to young people. 

We preside at baptisms and wedding ceremonies that are not always in a church setting but can be outdoors or even on the beach. We are raised in raising social consciousness and we work with the homeless offering them better living and spiritual direction to name a few of our ministries.

We are a growing witness in a more
modern sign-of-the-times Church that will eradicate any
future sexual abuse.Our women bishops do not control the people they serve but the people make the decisions and obviously women are an integral part of the leadership.Our women priests are accountable to their communities so sexual abuse by priests is not present in our new model.

We believe that Jesus did His best during His time to treat women as equals and the current male-led Church needs to honor how Jesus treated women and the people He served.

To put it very simply, the sexual abuses that have taken place in the
Church and are still taking place would never have occurred
to the degree they have if women had been involved in
priestly ministry and equal leadership in the Church. It is
long overdue that the male leadership of the Church
acknowledge our wisdom as women priests who are already
serving the people of God and ask for our help to solve the
mess  into which these men have gotten themselves. 

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