Monday, February 11, 2019

Time's Up! Catholics Demand Truth, Vatican Must Address Clergy Sexual Abuse and its Cover Up, Future Church

Time's Up!
Catholics Demand Truth

Rome, February 21 – 24, 2019: Pope Francis will meet with the heads of the bishops’ conferences from around the world to address clergy sex abuse and its cover up. Catholics 

Call the bishops to accountability and action by taking these actions!

  1. Download the Time's Up resource. Find the tools you need to gather Catholicism in your city or region to witness together and/or write a letter to Catholic leaders demanding transparency, accountability, and reform!
  2. Show solidarity with victims by wearing a blue armband to the vigil mass at your parish to prayerfully call for the inclusion of a) survivors of sexual abuse and their families; b) lay people, especially women; c) groups who work for survivor justice; d) women theologians In these meetings and all conversations about reform and healing.
  3. Post a photo of you wearing your armband on Instagram using #CatholicsBandingTogether and #TImesUp or email a photo of yourself wearing your armband to

You can view all of the photos by visiting: 

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