Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Video: Mary Magdalene Revealed with Meggan Watterson, Mary Magdalene Revealed with Meggan Watterson, Harvard trained scholar. An Inspirational and Feminist Look at Mary, apostle, leader and teacher in Jesus Movement

Some brief insights  shared about Gospel of Mary,
Christianity before 4th century believed that there is no hierarchy. 
We are all created equal.
Included female images of Divine.
Mary more loved by Christ, she had hidden truths because she was closer to Christ.
Peter challenged Mary's secret teachings.
Mary was equal to male apostles who had this wisdom directly from Christ.

Deeply persecuted by Romans like Perpetua and Thecla.
The message is to love one another in the Christ awareness.
Women were in integral part of ministry.
In 313 AD, Constantine made Christianity became officially accepted. 
Creed decided in 325 AD , Decided that that there would be a male apostolic.
Sacred texts that did not support male domination - like Thecla,- (Acts of Paul and Thecla, Gospel of Phillip, Gospel of Thomas, Gospel of Mary were not included in the Canon.)
Christianity took on structure of a Roman hierarchy.

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