Friday, September 25, 2020

Celebration of Gratitude for Rev. Dr. Michele Birch-Conery on Sept 24, 2020

In commemoration of her five-year anniversary as a bishop with the

Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests

Michele Birch-Conery, we your beloved Heart of Compassion International
Faith Community share now the commitments that we have witnessed you fulfill
as a bishop with the Association of Roman Catholic Womenpriests.

W1: Michele you have willingly discharged to the end of your life the office
the apostles entrusted to you.

W2: Michele you have been faithful and constant in proclaiming the Gospel of

W3:  Michele you have maintained our Roman Catholic faith tradition as
handed down by the apostles and as professed by the Church, everywhere and
at all times.

W4: Michele you have built up the Church as the body of Christ and remained
united to it within the order of bishops under the leadership of the
successor of the Apostle Peter.

W5: Michele you have been faithful in prophetic obedience to the Holy
Spirit, guiding us towards greater justice and truth.

W6: Michele you have sustained the People of God in solidarity with the
priests and deacons who share our ministry.

W7: Michele you have shown kindness and compassion to the poor and to
strangers and to all who are in need.

W8: Michele you have upheld a model of Church grounded in Jesus' vision of
an open table.

W9: Michele you have prayed for the People of God without ceasing, and have
carried out the duties of one who has the fullness of the priesthood so as
to afford no grounds for reproach.

W10: And you've done all of this with love and capaciousness, prayer and
respect as a scholar, mystic, justice-worker and beloved companion on the journey.

W11: We your ever-with-you Heart of Compassion International Faith Community
commission you to continue the good works already begun as priest and bishop
with our Roman Catholic Womenpriest movement within the Cloud of Witnesses
and in the Communion of Saints. We will pray to you and trust you intercede
for us.

All: Thank you and Amen

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