Thursday, September 24, 2020

With a Grateful Heart to All of You Who Prayed and Supported Me on My Journey to Clinical Remission - Bridget Mary

With Mary Theresa Streck who did many things to prepare for surgery and chemo including organizing Anointing of the Sick Communal Services on Zoom. 

With Peg Bowen who organized my entire kitchen and was present during my first chemo cooking, shopping and preparing me with the things that needed to get done including drinking  64 ounce glasses of liquids just like my oncologist recommended. 

Sunflowers and gifts from this lovely circle of support!
What a happy way to celebrate the last day of chemo!


With Kathryn Shea who makes the best chicken salad in the world! After every chemo session she provided a meals -on- wheels personal delivery service with a smile and often a bag full of surprise gifts!

Mary Theresa Streck (right  and 
Joan Chesterfield(left) drove me back and forth to Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa for surgical visits and did many things to prepare me including organizing Anointing of the Sick Communal Services on Zoom. 

With Joan Pesce and Dotty Shugrue who shared  fun loving  Sundays with me that included wonderful home-cooked meals

Pearl, my dear neighbor, checked on me everyday, did all my grocery shopping and errands. Wit her husband Paul, they drove me back and forth for many of my treatments. So grateful for their many kindnesses to me!

Yesterday was my last chemo.  As I walked out of the room, I rang the bell 3 times. The other patients being infused clapped and cheered.👍

Kathryn Shea brought over dinner and a few wonderful surprises from this dear circle of friends. Peg Bowen”s beautiful sun flowers  have fully opened .Like them I am beaming today😃 It felt like Christmas on my last day of chemo!

My heart ❤️ is full of gratitude to my family, friends, Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests, Mary Mother of Jesus Inclusive Catholic Community, Upper Room Catholic Community , and all who are in my life and who have prayed that I ‘d be healed, whole and cancer free. My oncologist, Dr. Chu , said today that my blood cancer cell  count is now in normal range and I am in clinical remission. He will check blood and do  CT scan regularly going forward.

I have a new appreciation of my mortality and how precious life, love and my passionate ministry as a woman priest and advocate for the full equality of women in the Roman Catholic Church is! I love working on the Spirit’s “Holy shakeup “moving through  ARCWP and RCWP to empower renewed, communities of faith that include all.  Thanks so much for all your support and solidarity!
It is time to dance and celebrate 😀

Bridget Mary Meehan

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