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Miracles Happen by Bridget Mary Meehan, A Promise of Presence by Bridget Mary Meehan and Regina Madonna Oliver

Unsplash: Vidar Nordli-Mathisen
"Everything  is possible to those who believe!"Mark 9:23 (INT)


All you can do now is pray," the doctor informed our family as we gathered around seventy-year-old Aunt Molly as she lay in intensive care. The diagnosis was grim. Molly was in a coma; there was bleeding in her brain. Assuring us that the nurses would call if anything happened during the night, the doctor left the family alone to say "goodbye" to Molly.

Looking at this wonderful woman who, with her husband, had sponsored our family when we immigrated in the 1950s from Ireland, I could not hold back the tears as I placed my hand on her head and prayed that God's love would permeate every cell in her body. I imagined Molly whole and healed in God's embrace, surrounded with boundless love. Asking Mary, the mother of Jesus, to be her companion through the night, I kissed Molly gently and left the room.

For the next three days, our family prayed, watched and waited while Molly remained in the coma. Then on the third morning, Dad and my brother Sean went to see her. "Molly," Dad said in a loud, teasing voice, "it's time for you to get up out of the bed. You've been sleeping long enough." Suddenly, Sean noticed Molly's toes moving. They called the nurses and doctors into the room and, as the medical professionals came in to check her, Molly opened her eyes and yawned, as if she had awakened from a long winter's nap.

Several weeks later, Molly recovered completely and returned home. From that day onward, Molly did not let any grass grow under her feet. She took trips, cared for my mother, cooked meals, and enjoyed every minute of the fifteen years of life God gave her after that illness. People who knew her story of healing called her the "miracle lady."

When I was a young adult, I used to think that miracles were healings performed by Christ long ago to help us have faith. I used to think that you had to be "a good Christian" for God to do a miracle for you. I used to think that miracles happened only in places like Lourdes. Then God healed Aunt Molly, and I felt like

God had hit me over the head with a sledge hammer. When I awoke from the impact, so to speak, I had a deeper consciousness that, yes, miracles do happen. They happen to ordinary people-like our family.

Miracles are God's way of saying to us: "Hello! I am the God who works miracles all the time. Never put limits on what I can do for you. There is always more that I will do. Open yourself to my healing power. I will make you whole in body, mind and spirit. I will take perfect care of you and your loved ones. All I ask of you is to believe in me."

The next time you face illnesses, losses and problems, ask yourself, "Do I believe that 'everything is possible for those who believe?"' Perhaps, if you haven't already experienced a miracle in your life, you too will have a miracle to report.


Breathe deeply and become still and relax. As you inhale, breathe in the saving power of God. As you exhale, breathe out any emptiness, darkness or obstacles that keep you from experiencing God's
healing love within you and working through others all around you. Get in touch with a health problem, a crisis, a painful event, or a negative habit that you want to heal or improve. Become conscious of the Christ presence everywhere protecting, liberating, healing, transforming and loving in you - just as you are. Open yourself to miracles.

Offer thanks for the Christ Presence in the situation you are praying for. Be aware of any changes you want to make in your life as a result of your prayerful encounter.


Reflect on miracles you have experienced or heard about. As you look at your own life and the lives of your family, friends, neighbors and community of faith, give thanks for any healings you have experienced. Make a "miracle list" and it hang on a mirror or the refrigerator door to remind you of the signs and wonders of the Holy One's love in your life.


Pray for any miracles needed by family, friends, neighbors, com­munity of faith or strangers. If possible, join your prayers with one or two others. As you pray, keep in mind "everything is possible for those who believe."


Make this your prayer today:

0 God of both doubters and believers, I want to believe in your goodness, but sometimes I pray and pray and nothing happens. Then what, God? Do I give up? Help me to trust that you are infinite love and that, in all situations, you are doing more than I can see, feel or experience. You are loving and healing in ways that are beyond my comprehension. Your ways are far more beautiful and far more powerful than I can even imagine. I want to believe; may I grow in faith, Holy One. May I always "hang in there" with you, no matter what happens.


Make this your prayer today:

Holy One, when I walk in pain and distress, you comfort and strengthen me. When I am frazzled by life's irritations, you soothe my soul. There is nothing in life that I will encounter that you and I cannot handle together. Your love and grace are enough for me. May I never lose heart, for I know that I am a miracle of your love. In the presence of your angels and saints, I bless you for the many miracles of this new day. Glory and love to  you forever and ever.

DA¥ 6

Pray this affirmation, or one of your choice, each time you think of a need today:

Everything is possible for those who believe. I can do all things with God's grace.

In the Heart of Love,  healing energy is flowing through me (and/or a name person or group) now. I open myself to amazing grace moving within me and all around me.

I believe a miracle is happening in this situation now.

The grace of God is within me in this situation.


Make this your prayer today:

Give me, Wonder-Worker, a sense of your presence within this situation as I pray for (name the intention for which you are praying). Compassionate Spirit, you breathe your healing, grace and strength upon (name person, group or situation). Your marvelous power performs miracles here and now. You help (name of person who is struggling) to not grow weary in the face of challenges, defeat, pain or suffering.  Your goodness shines forth within them and all around them and triumphs  over all obstacles, difficulties and wrongs.


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