Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Remembering Rev. Sally Brochu, ARCWP

Remembering Sally Brochu, ARCWP 

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

1pm EDT


Dotty:  Welcome: Thank you for gathering today to remember our dear Sally. Our hearts are so sad and we need this time to be together to grieve our loss. We will celebrate Sally’s life at a later date, but right now we are feeling the pain of her loss and missing her sweet smile and gentle voice.   At this very moment in time, Bishop Bridget Mary Meehan and Michael Rigdon, from our MMOJ community, are at the funeral home with Janet and family members to speak words of gratitude for the gift of our beloved Sally, who has now joined with the Communion of Saints.  Let us join with them in expressing our gratitude for the life of our dear Sally.  

Mary Al Gagnon:  Opening Prayer

Imagine Prayer:  (Prayer by Michael Podesta)

Imagine stepping onto a shore and finding it heaven …

Imagine taking hold of a hand and finding it God’s hand…

Imagine breathing new air and finding it celestial air…

Imagine feeling invigorated and finding it immortality …

Imagine passing from storm and tempest, to an unknown calm …

Imagine waking and finding it home …

Welcome Home, Sally …


Kathryn:  Believing that Sally’s life continues, we light this candle to remind us that Sally’s luminous spirit is with us now in this room, standing right here next to me and all of you.  


Sally Brochu, daughter of God, you are now at peace in the Holy One’s loving embrace.  This is our prayer of gratitude for you.


Dotty: We are grateful for your presence in our lives and for the many ways your life touched ours. 


We give thanks for the generosity of your loving. We give thanks for your laughter and your gentle spirit and delight in life. 


Mary Montavon: We give thanks for the many ways you nurtured, encouraged, and supported us as a soulmate, proud mother, grandmother, sister priest and dear friend. 

We give thanks for your ministry to the MMOJ community and the ARCWP community. 

Please, unmute to share any thoughts or prayers for Sally and her family. 

Kathryn:  Oh Holy One.  While we mourn the loss of our dear sister, Sally, and pray for her beloved Janet and family, we also express great gratitude for the gift of Sally in our lives.  She called us to be faithful followers of Jesus, our brother and Child of Humanity.  She led us by her example; as she lived justly, loved tenderly, and walked humbly with our God.  Dear Sally, may you now be forever at peace in the loving arms of our Holy One.  And to this we say: Amen and Alleluia! 

Song: Holy Angels by Sara Thomsen 

Click on video below to view the entire service in Zoom.

Thanks to Bridget Mary Meehan and Mary Theresa Streck for their words of Remembrance of our dear Sally Brochu.  We are a better world because of her presence on this Earth.     

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