Tuesday, July 6, 2021

The Morning Prayer of Belle Coeur by Sibyl Dana Reynolds ARCWP, Music- As Morning Breaks, Psalm 63 by John Michael Talbot

 As Morning Breaks (Psalm 63) John Michael Talbot


The Morning Prayer of Belle Coeur 

Beloved, You guide me in my desire to live as Your faithful servant. 

May my eyes be Your eyes, to recognize the depths of human suffering and the ecstasies of divine beauty. 

May my ears be Your ears, to hear the hidden truths within the hearts of those who bring their stories to my door. 

May my hands be Your hands, so Your healing love may gently fall on each person I touch and each task that I perform. 

May my words be Your words. Inspire my tongue to utter Your guidance, and encourage me to rest in silence, when silence is needed. 

O Blessed One, keep my heart forever open to fully feel life’s pain and delight. Help me to not turn away from those things that are difficult to witness, or those that cause me to be fearful. 

Still my trembling, and strengthen me through Your presence within me. Make me brave and guide my every action. Bless my work to Your glory. Amen

Ink and Honey by ©Sibyl Dana Reynolds

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