Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Love is Stronger than Hatred:A Prayer Song in Response to Mass Shootings of Children in Texas and of Black People in Buffalo

Choose to Hope by Marty Haugen

Hope is born when we choose to believe that

love is stronger than hatred.  Love is born when our

hearts learn to see that every person is sacred.


In the times of darkness, in times of fear, choose hope,

choose to love, and know that God is near. 

Hope will grow when we choose to believe that

we are sisters and brothers;  Love will grow when our

hearts learn to see the life we share with each other.


Hope will shine when we choose to believe a

little child will lead us;  Love will shine when our

hearts start to learn to see that God is dwelling within us.


Sing out hope through the violence and fear, for

God is present beside us;  Prince of Peace, 

make your home with us here, your love and wisdom will guide us. 


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