Monday, March 11, 2013

"Faithful Prescribe Traits of Next Pope" Interview with Katy Zatsick, RCWP

"That "truth" doesn't resonate with Katy Zatsick of Sarasota, who was ordained through the Fort Myers-based Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests, a noncanonical movement that recognizes female clergy. She says she was called to the priesthood years ago, but if she waited for the church to accept women in that role, "It never would have happened in my lifetime."
Because she isn't recognized by the hierarchy, Zatsick cannot perform priestly duties in a recognized church. Instead, she presides over small groups in "intentional Eucharistic communities" that generally meet in homes.
"Women are second-class citizens in the church," she says. "It's a spiritual dictatorship that's in place now. The cardinals and bishops in power now are just old men trying to build up their kingdom, not Christ's."
A pope who would give women the equality they deserve would be an answer to her prayers. But she's not counting on it.
"I had to move forward on my own because the church wouldn't," she says. "I hope my ordination will inspire generations of women to come. The status quo doesn't have to be in place forever."

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