Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Media Stories of Women Priests' Witness for Justice as they Pray for New Pope to Embrace Full Equality of Women in the Church including Women Priests



Roman Catholic Women Priests Katy Zatsick, Bridget Mary Meehan, Married Priests:
Lee Breyer and Michael Rigdon with their community Mary Mother of Jesus Catholic Community, Sarasota, Liturgy for Gender Justice: Pink Smoke Rising
Janice Sevre-Duszynska at the Vatican witnessing for women priests.
Contact Janice in Rome at 859-684-4247 or at rhythmsofthedance@gmail.com

Interview with Alice Iaquinta, RCWP

ABC News Story on  Communities in San Diego /Jane Via and Jen O'Malley/Long Beach

Interview with Jules Hart, filmmaker, " Pink Smoke Over the Vatican"

ABC World News with Diane Sawyer (Friday March 8)
CBS Sunday Morning (on optional celibacy)

Bridget Mary Meehan in USA at 703-505-0004, 941-955-2313
or at sofiabmm@aol.com

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