Monday, July 8, 2013

"Bishop Morlino's Focus on Doctrine, Not on Jesus"/ Male RC Bishop Should Apologize to Girls in his Diocese and Follow Jesus' Example of Gospel Equality
Regarding last Sunday's article, "Inspiring some, alienating others," it comes as no surprise to me that Bishop Robert Morlino has embraced the Society of Jesus Christ the Priest...
Now he cannot even accept the changes brought about by Vatican II, and wants to step further back in time. "Girls distract and intimidate boys" - what century are we in?
At this time in the history of the Catholic church, after the sex abuse scandals when it needs to show the good it can do, the love it can bring, Bishop Morlino manages only to show an ugly, controlling side in his leadership.
I disagree that people leaving the church because of Bishop Morlino need to do a gut check. Bishop Morlino is the one who needs a gut check by asking himself, "What would Jesus do?" I don't think Jesus turned his back on women, gays or those of a different race, and a leader in the Catholic church should not either.

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Bridget Mary's Response: I cannot believe Bishop Morlino expressed such blatant hostility toward girls. No wonder young women are fleeing the pews! This is embarassing even by institutional standards! Jesus had many female disciples and Mary of Magdala was the first witness to encounter the Risen Christ. Bishop Morlino and the Catholic hierarchy should follow Jesus' example of Gospel equality and repent of the sin of sexism. Bridget Mary Meehan,

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