Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Continue Dialogue on Women Priests in Times Union/Albany, New York

Medieval thinking stands in way of women priests
Letter to the Editor Albany Times Union by Bob Corliss June 22, 2013
Mary Theresa Streck left backrow, Marianne Smyth, Mary Collingwood, Barbara Duff, Bridget Mary Meehan, Joleane Presley
Three cheers for Mary Theresa Streck ("'Joyous passage' also seeks change," June 2). She has lived her Roman Catholic faith for decades and is now heeding her call to the priesthood, despite the institutional church's ban on women priests.
Continue dialogue on women priests
Elizabeth Friday, July 9, 2013
With regard to "'Joyous passage' also seeks change," June 2, on Mary Theresa Streck's position relating to women seeking priesthood in the Roman Catholic Church, I felt it was necessary to congratulate her on her courage to speak her opinion.
Letter: Calling woman a priest is inaccurate
Letter: Theology dictates no women priests

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