Monday, July 8, 2013

Sex Abuse Scandal Keeps Priests from Healthy Relationships with Young People"/ NCR

"I was wearing walking shorts and a sports shirt, so when the hospice nurse arrived at the house, I had to introduce myself: "I'm Gerry Kleba, the family priest." I'm not much into clericalism, so I don't use the title "Father." Within minutes, the mother of the family slipped away peacefully, as her children and I prayed, cried, talked, even laughed. I'd known the family for 40 years. The older children -- in their teens then -- had typed the parish bulletin on stencils, mimeographed and folded them on Saturday mornings at the rectory.
I had barely left the house, started my Prius and driven to the corner when I started to feel not only very sad, but very, very angry..."
Bridget Mary's Response:
How tragic and what a high price good priests like Gerry Kleba are paying for the sexual abuse scandal that bishops have covered up for decades, perhaps, centuries. Bridget Mary Meehan,

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