Wednesday, February 8, 2017

"The Ultraconservatives Accuse the Pope of Seeking the Female Priesthood" More Drama at the Vatican!

The reaction against Francisco has found a new front of attack.

The ultraconservatives accuse the Pope of seeking the female priesthood

Pope Francis presides over Wednesday's general audience in the Nervi classroom in the Vatican, today, February 8, 2017. (EFE / Claudio Peri)
Julio Algañaraz
Buoyed by the success of Donald Trump and the anti Francisco of his inner ideologue, the extremist Steve Bannon (member of the National Security Council), the ultra - conservative conspiracy against the Argentine Papa has found a new front of attack: the priesthood of the women.
Usual vehicle of the conspirators is the widely read site of Sandro Magister, a Vatican-based weekly newspaper "L'Espresso". Magister discovered an article in the latest issue of "Catholic Civilization", the historic Jesuit magazine texts are approved in advance by the Vatican Secretariat of State and now allegedly released the news-bomb. This text defends the priesthood of women and behind is the "imprimatur" of Jorge Bergoglio.

Donald Trump would visit the Pope in May

Magister published it today on his site and recalls that on November 1, answering a question on the return flight from Sweden to pay homage to Martin Luther, the Argentine pope stated that "on the ordination of women in the Church Catholic, the last clear word has been given by John Paul II ".
In 1994 Pope Karol Wojtyla published an apostolic letter on priestly ordinations in which he pointed out that Jesus chose only men for this ministry. "The Church has no authority whatsoever to any confer ordination on women priests. This sentence must be considered final by all the faithful of the Church. "
The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, headed by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, today Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, described the "infallible" character of Pope John Paul II's statement.

The Pope asks to move away from the "defamation" after the posters against him

Jorge Bergoglio has been clear. It will not change this issue. On August 2, 2016 the Argentine Pope created a commission to study the female diaconate and nothing else. But Sandro Magister maliciously remembers the "confidential relationship" between the Pontiff and the director of "Catholic Civilization," the Jesuit Antonio Spadaro, whose deputy director is also the Italian Jesuit Giancarlo Pani.
Pani is the author of the article that according to Magister, to the rejoicing of the ultraconservatives, "shatters" the final non-final of John Paul II to the priesthood of women.
The key phrase, written by Father Pani, which would demonstrate a willingness to manipulate the "deposit of faith", states: "The dispute over women priests could be paralleled by other moments in the history of the Church. In any case, today the question of the female priesthood is clear: "auctoritates", that is, the official positions of the Magisterium, but so many Catholics struggle to understand the reasons for choices, rather than expressions of authority, seem to mean authoritarianism. "

Rome, papered with an unpublished poster sticker against Francisco

"There is a malaise who fails to understand how the exclusion of women from the ministry of the Church can coexist with the affirmation and enhancement of their dignity parity today" , adds the subirector of the historic Jesuit magazine.
"One can not always resort to the past," writes Father Pani, "as if only from the past come the indications to the Spirit. "" Today, too, the Lord guides the Church and suggests courageously taking on new perspectives. "
The conclusion of the article will fuel the alarms and the traditionalistic accusations of scandalous manipulation to promote the reopening of the subject of the female priesthood. The deputy director of "Catholic Civilization" points out that Pope Francis is the first "not limited to what is already known, but wants to penetrate a complex and current field so that the Spirit to guide the Church."

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