Saturday, February 11, 2017

Grounded in Being by Lynn Kinlan

To be rooted is to take hold of earthen soil and mineral and be nourished in the Divine embrace of Creation. To be rooted means to be safe and restful, anticipating joyful prospects coming my way - inevitably, invariably, infinitely.

Settling in, secured and surrounded by indwelling Spirit. Ensconced but not entrenched. Rooted and grounded. Deeply loved and protected. In the silence, there is space and time enough to head for living water, and saving air, to ask and grasp and strain as part of all Creation.

There is no product in being rooted. No outcome, no efficiency, no task at hand. No 'shoulds’ or ‘wannabes’. Only peacefulness and hopefulness. And it is a very fine place to slip into and stay for a while. Here is the joy that precedes doing, the splendor of knowing, where Being is enough. Staying still, not as an end in itself but as a time for inhaling deeply, soaking up cooling water, being swept along by warm winds and firmly supported by fertile soil.

Lovingly grounded in Divine Hope, I acknowledge that as splendid as this safe and cozy moment is, tomorrow is to be made more splendid. There is a time to take flight and soar but it will wait. This patient and promising place, in this singular moment of creation is where I call my own. There I rest, rooted in place, grounded inside the Holy One.

(c) Lynn Kinlan 2017

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