Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Brain Wave Vibration Meditation: An Ancient For of Meditation to Promote Brain Fitness and Holistic Healing to Bring Body and Mind into Balance

It is our brain.

"Naturally then, when the mind is cluttered with negative or fearful thoughts, the body also becomes unhealthy. All life forms have natural immune and homeostatic processes that maintain or return them to a normal state of equilibrium. This innate healing ability is moderated by our brain. We can either choose information that strengthens it or weakens it.
Ilchi Lee created Brain Wave Vibration to help you tap into your inner essence and transcend false beliefs and preconceptions so that new, healthy information can take root. Like other forms of meditation, it slows down your brain waves to help you reduce stress, calm your mind, and become receptive to new, more self-supporting beliefs. Brain Wave Vibration balances the frenzied mindset associated with most modern lifestyles.
Brain Wave Vibration is a powerful, easy-to-follow brain fitness and holistic healing method that helps you stimulate the flow of ki (chi, qi) to bring your body and mind back into balance. Most ancient cultures recognize a universal life force (energy) that exists in all things. Asian healing systems theorize that it is the balanced flow of ki through certain pathways in the body (meridians) that determines our health and well being.
At its core, the practice utilizes basic vibration exercises to stimulate the brain stem, calm higher frequency brain wave activity, and circulate the body’s ki. By tapping into your body’s inherent rhythm, you are able to release tension and reach states of deep relaxation similar to that achieved through traditional sitting meditation. It can be done anytime, anywhere by people of all abilities, with or without music."

It its simplest form, Brain Wave Vibration merely involves moving your body freely to its own internal rhythm while focusing on a particular intention, or just your body’s sensations. Various forms of the practice include the head nod method, full-body vibration, abdominal vibration, chest vibration, and energy meditation. A session can be just a few minutes or a full-one hour practice combining meridian stretching, vibration exercises, ki-gong movements, energy dance, and sitting meditation. No special clothing or space is required, and you can do it alone or with a group. For a more detailed explanation, read Brain Wave Vibration: Getting Back into the Rhythm of a Happy, Healthy Life by Ilchi Lee.

One Example:

The Head Nod Method

This is the most simple and convenient form of Brain Wave Vibration. It can be done standing, sitting, or lying down and is designed to deliver vibrations directly to your brain stem for immediate tension release and deep relaxation. Try it anytime during the day, even while working at your desk, to refresh your brain. Just three minutes will clear your head, enhance your focus, and leave you feeling more energized.

Full-Body Vibration

The goal with this method is to create total relaxation and a calm, meditative state. It’s very similar to the body vibration and shaking medicine techniques that indigenous cultures have used for centuries. With practice, your inhibitions will loosen and you will intuitively take on postures that your body desires for its own natural healing. Most practitioners use some form of rhythmic drum music to get easily into the flow.

Chest Vibration

Variations of this method are designed to open the chest and stimulate the heart chakra. This form also helps to release pent up emotions like sadness, anger, or disappointment, which are often held in the chest and throat areas. It can be done standing or sitting, with or without vocal tones. Techniques include twisting your upper body or tapping lightly on your chest with loose fists or your palms.

Abdominal Vibration

This method is the most effective technique for stimulating blood flow and energy to the lower abdomen, which is the core of your physical and energetic being. By tapping and focusing on this area, you are balancing energy throughout the body, grounding yourself, and stimulating your intestines. If you get dizzy easily, warm up with this method before using other techniques, such as the head nod and full-body vibration.

Energy Meditation

This form of Brain Wave Vibration requires deep, relaxed concentration so it is a good idea to stretch or use another method to loosen up before beginning. It is designed to help you increase your awareness of energy between your palms and throughout your whole body. This method helps to quiet your mind and go beyond your emotions, and leads to a more relaxed state. 

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