Thursday, November 16, 2017


I have been invited to participate in the Preparatory Panel for the celebration of the 50-year Medellin Episcopal Conference, organized by SICSAL (International Christian Service of Solidarity with the peoples of Latin America) and other institutions that accompany us today.
I answer the suggested questions:
What is your experience or relationship with the spirit of the Medellin Document?
I was one of the 4 secretaries, who was able to witness and support the development of the Conference. She was a simple secretary, in a Commercial Secretariat they do not give you theology. My theology, I received it in my home in the care of the faith and of Christian values. Fundamentally my theology is based on the Catechism of Father Astte. I was formed at the time, of not asking questions, because "doctors have the Holy Mother Church". But my conscience taught me in silence the value of Justice, Peace and Reconciliation.
Through my hands passed and passed documents, proposals and suggestions, until the Document of Medellin remained in its final draft. What I saw and read there, made me dream and glimpse a Church with "the smell of sheep" as today, Francisco tells us.
For that reason, the official document, which we received for approval, we pushed, and we did not give him free rein against the document, which I had in my hands, sent by the opponents, headed by the one whose name I do not want to remember, never He approached our work site, he only sent an emissary, to Bishop Luis Eduardo Henriquez (qepd).
What does it mean to live this commemoration of the 50 years of Medellín?
Remember the experience lived 50 years ago in Medellin, makes me vibrate. The difficulties, persecution, repressions, judgments and condemnations, have made us raise the spirit, giving us energy and courage, to free ourselves and liberate the oppressed, rejected, marginalized, despised, proclaiming the Gospel worthily and honestly.
Recently in the Assembly of Pax Christi in Fulda-Germany, I met with a bishop Emerito (Bishop Meinoulf Demmel, Diocese of Essen) who was at that time, in Adveniat, shared with us, like the Colombian cardinal, whose name I could not remember, at the time of the 70s he had requested that the resources for the work of Theology of Liberation in Latin America be suppressed ...
What projections can you establish from this commemoration in 2018, taking into account the preferential option for the poor present in the Document?
The projects are already being developed, we must continue to support them, Liberation Theology has opened up a whole range of theologies, (Women's Theology, Earth Theology, Black Theology, Indigenous Theology, Urban Theology, and others) that are lived in the town, it is from there in each of them the theological contribution that the people of God are making, facing the preferential option for the poor, which I would say, is not so optional, here it is not, that take it or leave it, if you want, here is an obligation, a radical commitment, to live the Baptism, which impels us to live following Christ, in his Gospel.
What is your reading of the reference made by Pope Francis to the method of See, Judge and Act, during his visit to Medellin?
For a good listener, few words are enough. Francisco, continues to challenge us to live the Gospel. We feel that he supports what was proposed not only at the Second Vatican Council, but also the Documents of Medellín, reaffirmed at the Aparecida-Brazil Conference. It is to feel a fresh air that fills us with oxygen, frees us of toxins, energizing us, giving us energy, to break with fear and to live the Gospel within the demands of today, despite the difficulties that come our way.
The Encounter had as a frame of reference to remember the murder of the Jesuit Fathers, Ignacio Ellacuría, Segundo Montes, Ignacio Martin-Baró, Amando López, Juan Ramón Moreno, Joaquin López and Mrs. Elba and their daughter Celina Ramos, on the 16th of November 1989
They accompany me: (right) P. Federico Carrasquilla (my professor of anthropology at the ICLA), (left) Fr. Carlos Angarita sj (deputy from the U.Javeriana), and Fr. Carlos Arboleda (dean U. Bolivariana).
Partial view of the attendees.
In the liturgical celebration in memory of the martyrs of the UCA in San Salvador.
Prayer and final blessing
* Roman Catholic Presbyter.

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