Sunday, November 12, 2017

Barbara Reid, O.P., "Preaching the Cross of Christ"
See the cross as self-surrender to love in John's Gospel
"no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends."
Washing of feet is about "service, not servitude"
foot-washing  Jesus..."loved them to the end" linked to last words in 
John's Gospel: "It is ended."
Jesus said "I have given you an example" in foot-washing as service of friend 
to friend that in a community of beloved disciples, all inequality is erased. 
mutual service in love.
piercing of Jesus side, John's Gospel sees the death of Jesus as a birthing of new life (blood and water at birth, new life)
Mary is present, again a reference connecting birthing to new life.
Water and spirit, in John is another birthing 
Rivers of living water, comes through Jesus and through all who believe in him. (Gk word means womb)
Labor pains to give biirth, delight of new life , suffering not the center, new life is.
God as birthing mother.
Women at cross, midwives of new life as it is incarnated in the community of faith.
wrapping body in swaddling cloth, again related to birth.
Open tomb and open womb where new life comes forth.
Simon of Alexandria and Ambrose, Christ as the virgin who bore us, Julian of Norwich
Eckhard God lies on couch giving birth all day long
Jesus death, as way of birthing new life
"live as already resurrected"

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