Saturday, November 18, 2017

Two Petitions in Support of Pope Francis

Dear friends
The petition “Pro Pope Francis” by Prof Paul Zulehner (Vienna) and Tomas Halik (Prague) has by now more than 51,000 supporters There are many VIPs, theologians and even clerics from the hierarchy ( who signed the letter to Pope Francis. The petition was initiated on October 17 and is now available in 11 languages:
The “Pro Pope Francis” initiative from Religión Digital in Madrid that was started a little bit earlier has more than 12,000 supporters by now, mainly in the Spanish speaking world, I guess:
Being aware of the ongoing attacks on Pope Francis especially about Amoris Laetitia we would very much like to invite you all to distribute both initiatives in your countries and in your groups. Both initiatives are very important to counterbalance the conservative voices who want to hinder any change in the teachings and practice of the Church. With these petitions we call to our bishops and theologians to increase their support for Pope Francis.
Valery Stroud has started a website from where you can easily find access to both initiatives:
Many thanks for your taking action!
Sigrid Grabmeier
Chair of We are Church International
Martha Heizer
Past Chair of We are Church International

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