Monday, December 18, 2017

Advent Preparing for New Life by Kathy Worotny Heart of Compassion Faith Community Windsor, ON (17 Dec 17)

Kathy Worotny in the middle between Michele Birch-Cpnery ARCWP on right  and Suzanne De Froy ARCWP Applicant on left

I wonder
I dig
I tear down
I rebuild
This is the advent of my life.
This is my preparation for new life.
I discover
I venture
I retreat
I wait
This is my journey to wholeness...
This is my path to new life.
I experience deep pain 
I am filled with fear.
I sense an aloneness in this journey.
Yet, I wait in expectant hopefulness that one day
I will reach a heightened awareness 
that I am experiencing new life.
This is my Advent.
This is my waiting time.
This is allowing me to find myself
I experience moment of hope.
I reach out and find strength through others.
I draw in and find renewal in my Lord.
I know that I'n not alone in my life journey.
This is the Advent of my life.
This is my preparation for new life.
This is my journey toward new life.

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