Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Advent Rite of Reconciliation and Peace by Michele Birch-Conery, Bishop ARCWP, Heart of Compassion Faith Community, Windsor, ON (20 Dec 17)

Michele Birch Conery wearing white stole

We know that we have chosen
To walk in the way of Jesus.
The way is the same now as it has always been
And will be.
We  are companions on this path
Companions walking together
In our joys and sorrows.
Together we live into justice work
We live into Christ
The Messiah.
(Silence and then chant)
 “ Adoremus te Domine.”

The fullness of Spirit’s anointing
Indwells in us anew today.
It is not for us only but for the nourishment of our hearts
 so that we may nourish and serve others
and in turn, surrender to being served,
We remember the ways we have answered
Our God’s request of us. We take our service
Seriously as we speak encouragingly to those
  who are anxious and sorrowing.
At this time of the 21st century, on this day of concern for a world gone into crisis, we strengthen where we can be received.
(Silence and then chant)
“ Adoremus te Domine.”

We bring a wreath of flowers instead of ashes,
The oil of gladness instead of tears.
We bring a cloak of hope instead of despair
We take comfort in the prophetic words of Isaiah
Who raises our spirits by giving us a new name.
We are trees of integrity as we repeatedly rebuild
What has been ruined and as we take our fresh knowing
Into the future coming to meet us.
(Silence and then chant)
“ Adoremus te Domine.”

Our time in the 21st century struggles for equality, inclusivity
And respectful regard for one another, no matter our differences. Together, we struggle for the preservation of the planet and for all species.  Westruggle with those who have been disenfranchised, with refuges, with the orphaned ,the bereft and homeless. Together, we continue our walk in Jesus’ way.
(Silence and then chant)
“ Adoremus te Domine.”

Jesus’ way is not determined by a code of conduct but a way of compassion we live into. We are called to realize our justice   work as Jesus did, by speaking truth to power while  remembering  that mercy is necessary to compassion.
May we remember this in cherishing our own calling
into our service within the necessities of our historical time.
(Silence and then chant)

“ Adoremus te Domine.”

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