Fall 2017 brought heightened awareness to the rampant sexual harassment and abuse perpetrated by powerful men in entertainment and politics. 

Women in the Church also have haunting stories of their own suffering in a Church that normalizes gender inequality, sacralizes sexism in its many forms, and, too often, silences those who speak out.
#CatholicToo invites Catholic women to bear witness to the wounds of patriarchy, and calls all Catholics to reject sacralized sexism and gender inequality in all forms within the Church. 

Allies and faith communities are asked to use #IWill and #WeWill to name their specific intentions to help change Church culture from one that affirms patriarchy and sexism to one that is inclusive, believes and respects women, and treats women as equals created in God’s image.

Actions in response to the abuses of patriarchy include: 

  • #IWill confront patriarchy and clericalism and ask difficult questions. 
  • #IWill break the silence on abuse and subordination of women. 
  • #WeWill make our Church a sanctuary for survivors and silence breakers. 
  • #WeWill practice radical inclusion and transform our liturgy and prayers to affirm all people.
“Telling our stories, telling the truth about women’s experience of being excluded in the Church,” says Deborah Rose-Milavec, Executive Director of FutureChurch, “is a crucial step that must be undertaken if we are to transform our Church into an institution that reflects and honors the presence of God in all human beings.”  
Kate McElwee, Executive Director of the Women’s Ordination Conference, adds: “We cannot move forward dissolving patriarchy and creating a Church that truly welcomes and values all, if we don’t bring these stories of systemized oppression into the light. #CatholicToo is a space for healing, a space for celebrating courage and resilience, and a place of hope where the vision of creating a Church rooted in justice for all remains real and present.”
“When we bear witness to victims and survivors, we open the possibility for God’s wisdom to lead us,” said Zachary Johnson, Executive Director of Call To Action. 
FutureChurch invites all who long for a Church of justice to join us in this campaign to hear women's voices and call for action. Go to your social media sites and use the hashtags:

#Catholictoo #IWill #WeWill

Share your story and your commitment to helping create a Church that is more just, whole and holy.

To learn more, visit www.catholictoo.org.