Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Advent: A Time of Waiting? by Toni Kay ARCWP

I’m not really fond of the whole Advent concept of waiting.

We are taught from childhood that Advent is about waiting…

Waiting for baby Jesus to be born from the Virgin Mary 
Waiting for Santa to come 
Waiting to open the presents 
Waiting for family to arrive from all over
Trying to be good so we can even get presents in the first place 
Waiting for the return of Jesus 
Etc. Etc. Etc.

Now that we are once again in December, here come the stories about the glory of of waiting.

I can appreciate in some ways that Advent “can” represent giving up supreme control over things to God. So it that respect I concur.

On the other hand, all this waiting we are encouraged to do with a nice “be a good girl” smile on our faces? No.

We are told yet again in our 2017 advent message to wait for human development, wait for peace in the church and the world, wait for the the coming of Jesus, and wait while the church holds us women captive.

You know what I say?!  

I say no to waiting.

I say we have only this one day in our lives. We should NOT waste it sitting around waiting patiently.

When they told me I couldn’t take communion because I’m queer, I did it anyway! I didn’t wait for it to be ok. I said it was ok.
When they told me I couldn’t marry, I did it anyway, I didn’t wait for it to be ok. I said it was ok.
When they told me I was less than, or wouldn’t fit in because I was different, I didn’t wait. I moved on and found my tribe.

When they told me I couldn’t become a priest, or even a nun because I was less than, did I sit at home and wait for Santa Claus to come and give me the present because I was good enough? No.  

When the Electoral College stole our rightful president, did I stay at home and wait for 45’s despotic presidency to end? No. I marched in the streets with millions of other women to protest.  

I say, the idea of the Advent period as a time of being good and waiting for the ultimate reward is old school theology.  

I say, let’s acknowledge with grace the times we must endure not knowing, but gee, when this is the only day we are actually given, the one day in our one life, who wants to wait?

Not me!

Live life today.
Say the things of your heart today.
Give lavishly today.
Love fully today.  
Do whatever you need to, no matter how hard it is.

But please, don’t wait.  

We are only guaranteed one thing. Today. So live it fully as if it were your only day.
As if it were your very last day.

And yes, open your presents on Christmas Eve!  

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