Friday, December 8, 2017

Pope Francis Quote: A Theologian's Top Priority Must Be Prayer

A quote from Pope Francis:
"To be a good theologian, beyond studying you have to be dedicated, awake and seize hold of reality; and you need to reflect on all of this on your knees. A man who does not pray, a woman who does not pray, cannot be a theologian. "They might be a living form of Denzinger [Heinrich Denzinger, a 19th German theologian who wrote Handbook of Creeds and Definitions], they might know every possible existing doctrine, but they'll not be doing theology. ... Today it is a matter of how you express God, how you tell who God is, how you show the Spirit, the wounds of Christ, the mystery of Christ. How you are teaching this encounter — that is the grace."
— Pope Francis address a gathering of Jesuits in Cartagena, Colombia, Sept. 10, 2017

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