Thursday, December 7, 2017

"What She Wanted Was Liberation for Everyone" St Teresa of Avila , Youtube Video

This extraordinary, extended SDI Learns video is all about St. Teresa of Ávila, one of Christianity's great mystics. Mirabai Starr .. ... is a respected scholar of what she calls the "divine feminine" and the translator of St.Teresa of Ávila's books. (She's also a keynote speaker at the SDI Conference in April - Seeking Connection 2018.) In this interview with SDI executive director, Anil Singh-Molares, Mirabai explores St. Teresa's views on contemplative practice, service, leading change as a woman, and helping all people find liberation. It's not just a chance to learn, it's a chance to celebrate a great woman mystic through one of her most eloquent contemporary interpreters.

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