Monday, April 2, 2018

Community of St. Bridget, An Inclusive Catholic Community Supporting the Ordination of Roman Catholic Women Priests


Welcome to the Community of St. Bridget
an inclusive Catholic community!

We are a lay led Roman Catholic eucharistic community served by Roman Catholic women priests.

​The Community of St. Bridget, an inclusive Catholic community
shares the same location as the Brecksville United Church of Christ
23 Public Square, Brecksville, Ohio 44141
We are easily accessible from I-77 near the intersection of SR 21 and SR 82.
Please join in our joy and come celebrate with us!

Inspired by the words of Pope Francis,
we are a community that builds bridges, NOT walls.
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​The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much;
it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.
~Franklin D. Roosevelt
Second Inaugural Address
Wednesday, January 20, 1937

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Scripture readings
The number of readings over the course of the Triduum makes it difficult to list them all and their links. Thank you for understanding. Here are a couple links to Holy Week  and Easter readings. (Please note that Holy Saturday is not the Vigil. That is under the Easter readings.)
Mass Schedule, Address & Map

​Homily for the Community of St. Bridget
Homily for Easter Vigil 2018

Yesterday marked the second anniversary of my father’s death.  The thought that struck me most as I began meditating on his life, was that he refused to be blind!

My dad had macular degeneration—the dry variety.  The variety that can’t be slowed down with medication or shots.  His was the type that would continue to rob him of his central sight.  As he grew older, his condition grew worse.  Although he did maintain some peripheral vision, so as not to run into walls, his central sight became very diminished.  The condition worsened to the point that even if I put my head right up to his nose, he couldn’t make out who I was unless he heard my voice.
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Homily for Holy Spirit Catholic Community
Homily at Holy Spirit Catholic Community, Resurrection of the Lord (B), April 1, 2018
Tonight we celebrate the resurrection of Christ.
As Paul said to the Corinthians,
        if Christ has not been raised,
        then our faith is in vain.
Belief in the resurrection
        is one of the basic doctrines
        that our Catholic Church says
        we have to hold as true.
And we do.
We state it each time we profess our faith at Mass.
Not all of us, though, mean the same thing
        when we say we believe it...
        and that’s okay.
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This week's quote
The risen Jesus shines upon you.

A reader asks:
Where's the Easter Sunday service? Isn't that the main event? 
Actually, the main event is the Great Vigil on Saturday night. It is a beautiful liturgy and if you've never been, you are in for a treat! The evening is full of the beautiful symbols of fire and water. Everything is dark and then light fills the place. The celebration is new life and great joy. We hope you can come and see for yourself! (If you still would like an Easter morning service, the Brecksville United Church of Christ, our church home, has a service at 10 am.)​
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