Monday, April 2, 2018

I GET THE EASTER, "WE CELEBRATE" EASTER AND WHAT HAPPENED ?. Olga Lucia Álvarez Benjumea ARCWP , Translated from Spanish, See Spanish link
Who am I, for God's sake! To say what I have to share with you?

With horror, I see, how Holy Week happened in our country. Information comes from the countryside, from the most abandoned towns, such as Rosas-Cauca; in Mapiripan-Meta; in the path Caño Prieto, rural area of ​​Caucasia-Antioquia; they remain under threat, social leaders, in Buenaventura-Valle. Three young people, murdered in a popular neighborhood in the South of Bogotá, still not in the news, who played football. The processions followed one another, their signs were of passion, pain, terror, hooded men, police and army, on alert, the people: women, children and the elderly, sing and advance, before the image, their expressionless faces, perhaps Will it be submission or fear? The murder of Christ is commemorated, a crime that has gone unpunished to date, without trial. His image is still shown, as a warning to anyone who thinks differently,

What Easter do we prepare? What Easter, we celebrate? Has it happened and what was left? The echo of the anguish and pain, that drown the noise of the hooves of the horses, sabers and rifles, far from the corners in our towns. The voice of anguish of the leaders who call for forgiveness, peace and healing drowns. Some leaders of the Church begin to speak and express their concern, given the uncertainty and violence that is experienced, as the voice of the cardinal, which causes irritation to more than one, there is confusion, weave doubts, there is incredibility, surprise and admiration ...

The people were saturated with confused crazy information: "Do not talk to me, do not send religious or political information" were the comments that were heard, between friends and family.

And what of Easter? Did Christ die uselessly? The people, the leaders are still crucified as happened to Christ, they prefer dead and buried, because alive, they are a stone in the shoe, against the oppressive system of turn.

Let's pick up the paschal announcement, full of hope and good news:

"The Angel said to the women:" You do not have to fear. I know they are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. 6. He is not here, for he has risen, just as he had announced. Come and see the place where they had put it, 7. But come back immediately and tell your disciples: He has risen from the dead and they are already on their way to Galilee. There you will see it. With this I already told you everything. »"
Gospel according to Matthew, 28 - Bíblia Católica Online

We do not look for him in cemeteries, in altars or images, he is alive, he is here, with you and with me, we have seen him. When where? When the land is returned to the Indians, peasants and Afros, they are given and blessed with fresh seeds. When houses are blessed and delivered, to those who do not. When they open and bless new schools, colleges and universities and prisons are closed. When there is free education and health for women, children and the elderly. When they open and bless new fronts of employment for the people. When you see generous hands, removing hunger from the hungry. When there are more and more hugs, tenderness and kisses, for those who suffer injustices, for those who are alone and sick. When they are blessed and open courts to exercise jurisprudence. When you bless and erase the point and line that marks the borders and divides the towns. When leaders are blessed and consecrated who give themselves to the care of the Common House that houses us. When new missionaries are blessed and consecrated to announce Easter, which is between earth and Heaven.

For all of you, whom I know, admire and appreciate, who have seen you performing Easter in many moments, with you I celebrate the Passover of the one who lives among us and is not dead.


* Roman Catholic Presbyter.

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