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"Centuries of Inequality :A Look at Repairing" by Olga Lucia Alvarez Benjumea ARCWP *
"First obey God before men." Acts 5:29

Both in politics and in religion, it is well worth it, 
to know the history, not to repeat it. 
To ignore it, ignore it, cover it up, hide it, distort it, 
lie, deceive, make us accomplices, both women and men, 
of the inequalities we live, accept and tolerate.

When I began to have the use of reason, I began to 

realize that women were taking us for little. 
Several playmates and neighbors, did not go to school, because his father said: 
"what to spend on the education of women, 
if she is alone to get married and have children." 
He gave men, and still some are ashamed, to say 
that a girl was born in their home. Many of us experience 
these rejections from our own experience. 
Even if the claim was made over time, 
that claim was never accepted: "Me? 
When I said that? It has never occurred to me. "

These situations lived in homes, were felt not only i

n the culture, in which we were rising, 
but also in society and religion.

When we began to investigate, to ask innocent questions, 

we received a flock of cold water, exposed to being 
scolded and sanctioned: "that, do not ask, 
Doctors have the Holy Mother Church".

Fortunately, by that time, many mothers, starting with 

mine, worried about our formation and the best of 
their experience was transmitted to us. 
It was, is, and remains a wealth to have 
learned to read and write. Surely this was Eva's 
apple, her biggest sin, to seek and enjoy the 
truth, wisdom and knowledge, which meant her 
expulsion from paradise, with her husband, 
according to the interpretations made ...

This situation was not clear, we did not understand,

 if we were sons and daughters of the same father 
and mother, why differential treatment was manifested, 
and women had to be always at the service of 
both the father and the brothers; for them 
it was always the best, creating in the home, 
envy and competition, hurting the harmony and 
peace in the family.

We need to know the origins of these absurd norms 

to detect where the evil is, to eliminate and heal, 
so many wounds to give free rein to the 
affirmation that a new society,
 a new culture and religion is possible.

Every society, to pretend its "good" functioning

 has been constituted in function of an end,
 be it capitalist, communist, socialist, feudal,
 patriarchal, matriarchal. 
Those who make up a certain society are 
forced to "comply" with the established norms 
and laws created to achieve the proposed purpose.

That is why the father and the mother made us 

educated according to the established principles, 
for supposedly, not having conflicts in society, 
and that we were not rejected, despised or 
marginalized, punished and disinherited. . 
Hence the fundamental role that the family 
has always played and plays, as the 
protective core of society, culture and religion.

For us women it has not been easy to get to know the 

juggling strategies of history, since these were well 
kept in the trunk of memories, and the 
university was closed to women.

Little by little, women have been climbing seats, in 

society and culture, and we have women in 
different professions. The highest and toughest 
bench we have yet to climb has been that of 
religion, especially Catholic women.

Reading, research, curiosity as good daughters of 

Eva, is what has led us to be daring before the whole 
world, not to be recognized on equal terms, or claim 
rights, or to be accepted or tolerated. Our proposal 
goes further. Society, culture and religion need to be 
consolidated in a total change, starting with their 
rules and regulations, since, 
if they were to be maintained, they would only 
be "warm water cloths", faced with an illness t
hat has become chronic and serious. 
The idea is not to change one scheme for another.
 The idea is not to repeat what already 
exists with the face of a woman. In the transformation we need we must be involved and involved women and men together.

We are not going to ask that literature, theology, 

inspired by the era of the beyond, be inscribed in the 
index of forbidden books, far from it. We have to go 
back to them, discover their hidden and 
misinterpreted values ​​of that medieval era. Quite the c
ontrary, they must be there where they are a
nd they must be known and publicized 
so that they can serve us as a permanent 
confrontation and reference, so as not to repeat the past and taking care more and more to give free rein to novelty, to creativity, without fear of change, that will take us to know each time in the divine dimension.

We can not ignore, the Council of Nicea (325) 

where the spiritual meets the material. The bishops are 
summoned and subsidized, by the Emperor Constantine, 
granting them perquisites committing them in 
favor of their ambition and power. The presence of women
 in this event is unknown and the ignorance and 
absence of women in religion was accentuated.

Several characters do not go unnoticed, as 

St. Augustine of Hippo (354-430) for his low praise 
to women as: "Women should not be enlightened or 
educated in any way. In fact, they should be segregated, 
as they are causes of insidious and involuntary 
erections in male saints. " He is followed by 
St. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274):
 "Woman by nature is inferior to man in value and dignity ...".

We find ourselves a little-known character, 

but no less worth mentioning, the Camaldulense 
monk Graciano, author of the Decretum Gratiani (1140), 
where he records many of the previous contributions 
that are the basis and inspiration for the 
Canon Law of the Church, although not it is 
considered an official document of the Church, 
they rely on it. This is one of the jewels that draw our 
attention: "Even if a woman is cultured and
holy, she should not presume to teach men in the (
community) assembly. A (man) lay person should not 
presume to teach in the presence of the clergy, unless they 
ask for it "..." Women should cover their heads, 
because they are not the image of God ".

Conclusion: Catholic women ask ourselves, what 

happened to Genesis 1:27? 
When receiving the baptism, no difference of sex is made. 
Even in medieval canon law, the equality of man and 
woman is recognized in the supernatural order, in terms of 
members of the People of God, and in order to holiness. The discriminatory difference is in relation to the sacred order: 
Canon 1024 "Only the baptized man validly receives the
 sacred ordination".

Women and in this case, not only Catholics, all and all, 

for true social, cultural and religious change, 
we are called to seek the truth that will set us free,
 encouraging each other, praying, 
reflecting and making our voices heard voice.

* Roman Catholic Presbyter


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