Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Psalms for a New Millennium by Silvia Brandon Perez ARCWP

​I said, the day is full, replete
With all the things that must be done
Come here, my child, said He
Come watch the break of day
With me

The words are whispers in my ear
The tears flow steadily
I close my eyes and there is nowhere
That the eye can see
Where God is not

The tears flow steadily 
The tears are one more gift
To heal the wounded heart
The tears that I have shared
In my divine humanity

Come here, my child, said She 
Come smell the blessed grass
Feel now the kiss of wind
The vibrancy and verdancy
Of this smallest bluest planet

Even in dreams I see
Nearer my God to Thee

The duties of the day await
And you have shown me
What those duties are
The stars that love has made
Will light my path
The tears that love has made
Will heal my heart

I am but one more speck
In one more corner of a breath-filled planet

I listen, thank and praise
Your every word and thought and deed
Nearer my God
To Thee.

Psalm 5
It is all love
The flowers, love
The trees waving in joyous exultation,

The wind, the sands, the seas
The smallest babe upon her mother's teat,

The boundless galaxies and the precious Movement of the planetary orbits,

Nothing but love
The universe is love
The human heart and justice and the care
That we must render to each other

I bow to thee upon my bended knee
You are indeed my sister and my brother

And as above below
Everywhere  present

The glue that binds us
The microscopic particles 
That make up everything we are

The precious air we breathe
The majesty of mountains
And the music in the breeze

Sing then to Love and praise it
Thank love
Be love
Shout love
From prairie and from hilltop

For all we are and all we need is

Silvia Brandon Perez ARCWP

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