Friday, July 24, 2020

Mary Magdalene and Her Companions Were True Founders of the Church, First Proclaimers of the Resurrection, Role Models for a Women-Empowered, Inclusive Church
While Peter and the male disciples left Jesus, the women remained faithful. Christian feminists today reflect on women's  bodily experiences, theological and spiritual resources as integral to creating an inclusive Church for women and men. They are deconstructing a male-dominated patriarchal model and reconstructing a new  egalitarian model, a discipleship of equals. 

In her book,  The Elephant in the Church,   theologian Mary T. Malone makes the case that"the ordinary day-in-day out women of Catholicism should be respected , heard and treated as the significant theologians they are.  They should also "be recognized and  respected as the foundation stones of many a parish community, for without the presence and ministry of women, these communities would not exist.  For women have always done theology in word and deed. Their theology has not necessarily been expressed in tomes or lecture halls, but it is the daily life-giving guide for more than half the Church." (p. 171)

The Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests recognizes the prior learning and  life experiences of women as valid theology. Our preparation program offers an individualized program as well as a cohort experience on contemporary sacramental theology that fosters ministry in inclusive, empowered communities of faith.  People's Catholic Seminary in partnership with Global Ministries University offers courses based on the ARCWP units of study that fufill the requirements for a Master of Pastoral Ministry degree.
Bridget Mary Meehan ARCWP,

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