Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Global Ministries University Provides Community Chaplaincy Training Program - An Ecumenical Approach Outside Religious Institutions to Meet Spiritual Needs Today

Unsplash- Claudia Wolff

 "People are Hurting, Our Systems are Hurting, Communities are Wounded,  Be an Agent of Healing, Become a Community Chaplain​"

Boston Globe Article:

As traditional religious practice recedes, many New Englanders are increasingly turning to a different kind of pastor when and where they’re needed. 

By Jonathan D. Fitzgerald

"To meet spiritual needs when and where they arise, we’re turning to chaplains, people trained to work outside the structure of religious institutions. As church attendance nationally also declines, “the need for chaplains will only increase,” says Shelly Rambo, an associate professor at Boston University School of Theology.

The rise of chaplains isn’t necessarily a Christian trend, or even a religious one. The term is being adopted by other faith traditions, says Preeta Banerjee, Hindu adviser in the University Chaplaincy at Tufts University. Her role exists because there is now a need for “chaplaincy for different faiths” she says, as well as for people who don’t belong to a religion, often dubbed the nones. Indeed, the new breed of chaplains is distinctly ecumenical — ministers for the “spiritual, but not religious” set."

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