Monday, March 29, 2010

Irish Website: Count Me Out

Take a stand for church-state separation


The Catholic Apologist said...

Bridget Mary--

Why don't you follow your own advice? Have you signed the document yet?

I will tell you what: I have more respect for the person who stops playing both sides of the fence, then the one who stays luke warm.

The Catholic Church is going to loose a lot of members Bridget Mary- this is only the beginning. This whole thing will seperate the fair weather Catholics from the real ones.

Anyone can be Catholic when the Church is not going through a crisis. It takes guts to stand with the Church during real times of crisis.

gylangirl said...

Real Ex-catholics don't need official church authorization forms.
Just vote with your feet.

There isn't going to be any internal clergy accountability for the sexual abuse cover up scandal. Victims ought to file police criminal reports and civil lawsuits instead of expecting the church to fix its problem.

Again, dare to step out of the authority paradigm created by the church hierarchy.

Let those who have ears, hear!