Saturday, April 3, 2010

Good News: Bishop Dewane washed women's feet on Holy Thursday in the Diocese of Venice, Florida

Rejoice Catholics of the Diocese of Venice, Bishop Frank Dewane washed the feet of some women on Holy Thursday!
According to a Sarasota Herald Tribune article, Bishop Dewane sent a letter to his priests reminding them of the rule that women's feet were not to be washed on Holy Thursday. Some pastors followed the directive, some did not. Bishop Dewane did not follow his own directive. What happenened?
Does this represent a change of heart by Bishop Dewane?
Let's hope so.
Bridget Mary Meehan,RCWP


Anonymous said...

Initial courage can wain when faced with oppressive or massive authority.

I am thankful for YOUR courage, Mother Bridgette, and am overjoyed by finding your blog on this Easter Sunday (after hearing about you on Amy Goodman's broadcast) ... There is a painting in Florence of Christ lying at the feet of arguing priests ... you and the other women priests and bishops are literally a breath of Spring.

And thank you for your less blanching courage.

Janette Brown
Seattle, WA.

La Bisbessa said...

Hello Bridget Mary,

I write from Barcelona (Spain). I include this goord new in my blog (in my own lenguage, the catalan):

Can I get any photos of Bishop Dewane washing women's feet?

I comment this success with my spiritual director becouse I want to be a priest. It's the reason I follow your blog.