Saturday, April 3, 2010

Vatican Waited Years to Defrock Arizona Priest
April 3, 2010
AP: Vatican waited years to defrock Arizona priest
Associated Press Writer
"The tragedy is that the bishops have only two choices: Follow the Vatican's code of secrecy and delay, or leave the church," Cadigan, the victims' lawyer, said Friday. "...There's no doubt that Ratzinger delayed the defrocking process of dangerous priests who were deemed 'satanic' by their own bishop," Lynne Cadigan, an attorney who represented two of Teta's victims, said Friday."


Anonymous said...

A holy Easter to you as well...

Ravensbarque said...

And what do you mean?

While I agree with your extension of Easter to everyone, I wonder what you really mean.

Please translate into English.

Ravensbarque said...

I am sorry my previous post there comes across as snotty. I have half a dozen excuses but I think I'll hold on using any of them. I do apologize.

The Catholic Apologist said...

Well, my fast from commenting here is over Rav.

Let me translate what I believe Dr. K was saying.

Bridget Mary is essencially a one trick pony. On her site, there are essencially four themes which are recycled in all of her posts:

1) Magesterium bad, women good. Magesterium needs to stop being too Catholic becasue Bridget Mary and her group finds it offensive.
2) Pope covered up abuse, down with the pope, and all the bishops, women good.
3) Women should run the Church, becasue women are good, men are bad
4) Priestly celibacy should be ended, and did I mention the Magesterium is bad, celibacy is bad, the pope and bishops are bad, women are good, and women should be priests becasue Gary Macy says so, and they should run the Church becasue Gary Macy found a total of four possible women bishops in all of the history of the Church.

Basically in her posts you will find one or more of theose recurrent themes. Dr. K in wishing her a happy and holy Easter was taking note that Bridget Mary said little about the Sacred Time of the year we were in, choosing instead to focus on things which in the end are unimportant.

Though on Saturday I admit I was guilty of that myself on my own blog.

Crusader said...

Okay Gentlemen,
You all are forgiven ! For Our Lord is Risen !