Monday, April 18, 2011

Call Maryknoll and Express Your Support of Fr. Roy and Women Priests

"Maryknoll leadership needs to hear your support of Fr. Roy and women's ordination today! Join the national call-in day by dialing 914.941.7590 and tell Maryknoll "I support women's ordination and Fr. Roy. I hope Maryknoll will, too!" Fr. Roy has given nearly 40 years of his life to Maryknoll as a priest and prophetic leader for justice in Central and South America. He should not be removed from the priesthood because of his beliefs in women's equality! It is heartbreaking to see the reports this weekend that Rome has only sanctioned but not removed a pedophile bishop but church officials want to remove a priest who support's women's equality as priests." Jim Fitzgerald/Call to Action

Bridget Mary's Reflection: Support Fr. Roy and call Maryknoll today-914.941.7590. The Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests call on the Maryknoll Order to resist Vatican oppression and support Fr. Roy in his call for justice for women in the Catholic Church. It is time for Catholics to challenge the Vatican who keeps pedophile bishops and priests and excommunicates women priests and our supporters. This is the real scandal- an outrageous abuse of power- by the hierarchy! Fr. Roy is a prophet who is leading the way toward justice and equality for women in the church. How can Maryknoll go along with this spiritual charade?

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